Quiz Me! - Documents: Early Republic

Test your knowledge about documents in the Early Republic era.

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Which U.S. Supreme Court case established that the U.S. Constitution prohibits states from impairing the obligation of contracts?

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What part of the Constitution did the U.S. Supreme Court use in deciding the case of Dartmouth v. Woodward?

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What is one major precedent George Washington set during his Farewell Address in 1796?

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What warning did George Washington issue in his Farewell Address of 1796?

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In George Washington’s First Inaugural Address who does he say is responsible for the success of the new nation?

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What did the Sedition Act of 1789 do?

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Which U.S. Supreme Court case established the power of judicial review?

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What is the main point of the Letter to Danbury Baptists in 1802?

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Which of the following is the best definition of “judicial review?”

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The Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions were passed in response to which law?

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