Quiz Me! - Era: Colonization

Test your knowledge about the Colonization era.

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Why is the Massachusetts Body of Liberties considered the first Bill of Rights?

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Which was a significant social effect of the transatlantic slave trade?

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Thomas Hooker left Massachusetts and established a highly successful church in which colony?

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Why was the Albany Plan of Union rejected by the colonies?

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Which reason threatened Jamestown’s survival as a colony?

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Which statement best describes a short-term effect of the First Great Awakening?

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She was banished from Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1634 for leading a prayer group in her home and for criticizing the teachings of colonial ministers.

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Why was the French and Indian War a cause of the American Revolution?

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How did the First Great Awakening influence the American Revolution?

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Which statement accurately explains the role of America’s English colonies in the system of mercantilism?

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