Quiz Me! - Era: Colonization

Test your knowledge about the Colonization era.

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What does it mean to “establish laws for the general good of the colony”?

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The Supreme Court often references William Blackstone’s writing as a source for determining the intent of the Founders when interpreting the Constitution. It is considered the most complete and readable commentary on English law. What is the name of his work?

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How did the First Great Awakening influence the American Revolution?

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What is the historical significance of 1607 to Jamestown?

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Why is the Massachusetts Body of Liberties considered the first Bill of Rights?

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Which statement best explains the importance of mercantilism in the 16th and 17th centuries?

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Why is the Albany Plan of Union significant?

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Who was the Quaker that established Pennsylvania as a haven for Quakers and welcomed religious toleration?

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What function did the General Court hold under the Fundamental Orders of Connecticut?

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Thomas Hooker left Massachusetts and established a highly successful church in which colony?

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