Quiz Me! - Era: Colonization

Test your knowledge about the Colonization era.

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How did the First Great Awakening influence the American Revolution?

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What was the cause of Bacon’s Rebellion in 1675?

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Why was the Albany Plan of Union rejected by the colonies?

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What was the most significant economic effect of the transatlantic slave trade?

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What is the historical significance of 1607 to Jamestown?

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Why was the French and Indian War a cause of the American Revolution?

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The Supreme Court often references William Blackstone’s writing as a source for determining the intent of the Founders when interpreting the Constitution. It is considered the most complete and readable commentary on English law. What is the name of his work?

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John Peter Zenger was arrested for seditious libel, yet his lawyer argued that the law violated what freedom?

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What was the significance of the House of Burgesses in early colonial history?

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Why is the Albany Plan of Union significant?

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