Quiz Me! - Era: Creation of the Constitution

Test your knowledge about the Creation of the Constitution era.

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Who is the author of Leviathan?

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What is a major influence of the English Petition of Right on the American government?

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What did the Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom accomplish?

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Which significant historical event is described above?

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Jean-Jacques Rousseau was a political philosopher who argued that man was essentially good, but degraded into cruelty without laws. This was referred to as being a what?

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How was Shays’ Rebellion similar to the colonists' rebellion against Britain?

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He rewrote the Preamble to the Constitution to read “We the People” instead of “We the States.”

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After the delegates signed the Constitution on September 17, what happened next?

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George Mason’s Virginia Declaration of Rights served as a template for what?

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This French nobleman is said to be the most quoted political philosopher by the men at the Constitutional Convention.

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