Quiz Me! - Era: Creation of the Constitution

Test your knowledge about the Creation of the Constitution era.

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To become a lawyer in the American colonies, most read which of the following?

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Which portion of the Magna Carta do we see in our Bill of Rights today?

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Roger Sherman believed that Congress should have the power to select the President. He felt that which branch should have the most power?

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What was the first Constitution of the United States?

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Who wrote the Virginia Declaration of Rights?

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Gouverneur Morris was a delegate at the Constitutional Convention, an ambassador to France and turned down an offer from Alexander Hamilton to co-write what?

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What is a major influence of the English Petition of Right on the American government?

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Alexander Hamilton died as a result from a duel with this man.

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George Mason’s Virginia Declaration of Rights served as a template for what?

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This American Patriot, along with John Jay and James Madison, wrote 52 out of the 85 total essays defending the ratification of the U.S. Constitution.

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