Quiz Me! - Era: Reform Movements

Test your knowledge about the Reform Movements era.

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How did the technological innovations of the 19th century affect the economic development in the United States?

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What do the publications listed in the chart above have in common?

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This reformer was born a slave but later in life published the anti-slavery newspaper, “The North Star”. Who is this reformer?

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Which of the following describes a reform Dorothea Dix hoped to achieve?

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This suffragist declared voting was “the right women needed above every other”.

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What condition were temperance reformers trying to prevent?

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What was the main goal of the temperance movement?

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Henry David Thoreau is best known for his belief in Transcendentalism and refusing to pay taxes to demonstrate his opposition to the United States war with Mexico. He shared his beliefs in -

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After the Fugitive Slave Act was passed, Harriet Beecher Stowe opened the nation’s eyes to the realities of slavery by

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What was the significance of the Seneca Falls Convention?

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