Quiz Me! - Era: Revolution/Declaration of Independence

Test your knowledge about the Revolution/Declaration of Independence era.

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Why did British soldiers march into Lexington and Concord?

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John Witherspoon was a prominent Presbyterian minister who helped draft the Articles of Confederation and sign ed the Declaration of Independence. He was also president of which Ivy League university?

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John Paul Jones is known for what famous quote, which became a slogan for the U.S. Navy?

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Patriot leader, James Otis fought against the British writs of assistance citing the traditional rights of Englishmen included:

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This ruler suffered a nervous breakdown, was declared insane and had his son appointed to rule in his place.

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What is the best title for the historical event described above?

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Mercy Otis Warren believed in the natural rights theory expressed in the Declaration of Independence. She argued against the U.S. Constitution, and most of her complaints were addressed in the Bill of Rights except what?

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After two terms as President of the United States, Thomas Jefferson retired to his estate which was known as what?

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This radical leader of the opposition to British tyranny is known for his quote, which includes, “give me liberty, or give me death!”

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Who was the grandson of the first African-American  landowner in New Hampshire?

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