Quiz Me! - Era: Revolution/Declaration of Independence

Test your knowledge about the Revolution/Declaration of Independence era.

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This wealthy trader of tobacco, rum, wheat and slaves supplied the American forces with war supplies and his own ships, including over $1 million to finance the decisive Battle of Yorktown.

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Which historical event is described above?

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Why was the Battle of Saratoga considered to be a turning point in the war?

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What was one outcome of the Second Continental Congress?

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Patrick Henry became a harsh critic of the Constitution, even calling for a new constitutional convention. As someone who fought against ratification, he was considered to be:

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She was a supporter of independence who wrote satirical plays criticizing the Massachusetts royal governor, published documents calling for equal rights for women and is sometimes called “The Conscience of the American Revolution.”

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What was the outcome of the First Continental Congress?

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This radical leader of the opposition to British tyranny is known for his quote, which includes, “give me liberty, or give me death!”

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What is the best title for the chart above?

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Which colonial woman asked her husband to “remember the ladies” while writing the Declaration of Independence?

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