Quiz Me! - Era: Revolution/Declaration of Independence

Test your knowledge about the Revolution/Declaration of Independence era.

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Who was the grandson of the first African-American  landowner in New Hampshire?

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This city is named in honor of Bernardo de Gálvez

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What was the long-term significance of the Boston Massacre?

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Which title best represents the list above?

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Who was the revolutionary who was a patriot spy and a “double agent” working for the United States during the American Revolution?

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What was the name of the first congress colonists attended to discuss new taxes imposed by Parliament?

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Benjamin Franklin purchased the Pennsylvania Gazette and in 1732 published the first edition of what publication?

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Marquis de Lafayette helped the Americans fight against Great Britain by securing support from which country?

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What was Washington able to accomplish at Valley Forge?

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Because of his articulate defense of American liberty, this author of “The Liberty Song” is known as the “Penman of the Revolution.”

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