Quiz Me! - Era: Sectionalism

Test your knowledge about the Sectionalism era.

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“Liberty and Union, now and forever, one and inseparable!” is a quote made by this supporter of the Union and against the nullification of federal laws by states. This quote was made by -

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What was the main issue associated with the Webster-Hayne Debates?

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What was dubbed a “corrupt bargain” by defeated presidential candidate Andrew Jackson?

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This accomplished public speaker performed many roles in life, He practiced law after graduating from Dartmouth, represented New Hampshire in the US   House of Representatives and later Massachusetts in the US Senate. He also served as Secretary of State under three presidents.

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Born in South Carolina, this former vice-president to two presidents and later a U.S senator was a strong supporter of the institution of slvery and argued it was a beneficial institution.

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Which of the following was NOT part of the Compromise of 1850?

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The ___________________ resulted in the growth of the Underground Railroad and anti-slavery sentiment in the north.

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What was the primary topic debated in the Hayne-Webster Debate?

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The purpose of the Fugitive Slave Act was to

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What was the result of the Kansas-Nebraska Act?

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