Quiz Me! - Events: Reform Movements

Test your knowledge about events in the Reform Movements era.

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How did inventions like steamboats, railroads and canals contribute to economic growth in the United States?

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Why were the reforms of Dorothea Dix so important?

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How did the Industrial Revolution affect 19th-century America?

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What effect did the individuals and their accomplishments listed above have on the United States?

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The Declaration of Sentiments issued at the Seneca Fall Convention was modeled after which of the following U.S. documents?

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Which reform movement would address issues like those in the excerpt above?

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Which sentence best completes the outline above?

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What conditions prompted the need for Horace Mann’s reforms?

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How did the technological innovations of the 19th century affect the economic development in the United States?

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What condition were temperance reformers trying to prevent?

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