Quiz Me! - Events: Westward Expansion

Test your knowledge about events in the Westward Expansion era.

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What was the significance of the Louisiana Purchase?

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How did the Mormon Trail affect Manifest Destiny and westward expansion?

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Which is the best title for the historical event described above?

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What is the name of the area annexed to the United States in 1845 as the 28th state?

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Why was Spain willing to cede Florida to the United States, even after General Andrew Jackson invaded Spanish Florida while pursuing members of the Seminole tribe?

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Why was the Gadsden Purchase significant?

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Why did the United States go to war against Mexico?

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Why was acquiring the territory at the end of the Oregon Trail important to the United States?

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What was the primary goal of the Lewis and Clark Expedition?

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What effect did the Lewis and Clark Expedition have on the nation?

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