Quiz Me! - People: Civil War/Reconstruction

Test your knowledge about people in the Civil War/Reconstruction era.

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A member of the 54th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment, this African American was the first to receive the Congressional Medal of Honor.

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Philip Bazaar served his country in what branch of service?

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The quote, “It is through the tongue, the pen, and the press, that truth is principally propagated…” is associated with -

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Which of the following is an accurate statement regarding Jefferson Davis?

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Not only a graduate of West Point MIlitary Academy, but later becoming its Superintendent, this soldier fought in the U.S. Mexican War . Even though he did not agree with the South seceding, he turned down an offer to command the Union army and became General-in-Chief of the Confederate Army.

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A graduate of West Point Military Academy, this soldier fought in the U.S. Mexican War  and served as General of the Union army during the Civil War. He later became the 18th President of the United States.

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This former lawyer lost a Senate race in 1858 but was elected President of the United States in 1860.

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This United States Senator was the first African American to serve in Congress.

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This charismatic speaker was the first Democrat elected to the House of Representatives from Nebraska and later spoke at the 1896 Democratic National Convention. He later ran for president three times, all unsuccessfully.

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Why was Philip Bazaar awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor

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