Quiz Me! - People: Creation of the Constitution

Test your knowledge about people in the Creation of the Constitution era.

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Roger Sherman believed that Congress should have the power to select the President. He felt that which branch should have the most power?

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This Founding Father was known as the “Father of the Constitution” for suggesting a system of checks and balances, balancing the powers of the states and the federal governments and his detailed note taking during the Constitutional Convention.

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As an Anti-Federalist, George Mason ________________ the Constitution of the United States because it did not include a Bill of Rights.

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Edmund Randolph, sometimes called a “Forgotten Founder,”   opposed a single President during the Constitutional Convention, and instead suggested what?

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Gouverneur Morris was a delegate at the Constitutional Convention, an ambassador to France and turned down an offer from Alexander Hamilton to co-write what?

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Alexander Hamilton died as a result from a duel with this man.

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This American Patriot, along with John Jay and James Madison, wrote 52 out of the 85 total essays defending the ratification of the U.S. Constitution.

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James Wilson advocated for direct election of the President during the Continental Convention. Opposed by Thomas Jefferson,  who believed that power should be reserved by the states, Wilson is credited with a compromise that formed what?

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The Baron de Montesquieu was a French political philosopher who argued for which concept that was debated at the Constitutional Convention?

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Sometimes called a “Forgotten Founder,” this man served as an aide-de-camp to George Washington, a delegate of the Continental Congress, delegate to the Annapolis Convention and the Constitutional Convention. He introduced the Virginia Plan   at the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia.

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