Quiz Me! - People: Creation of the Constitution

Test your knowledge about people in the Creation of the Constitution era.

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One of the three authors of The Federalist Papers, along with Alexander Hamilton and James Madison

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Sometimes called a “Forgotten Founder,” this man served as an aide-de-camp to George Washington, a delegate of the Continental Congress, delegate to the Annapolis Convention and the Constitutional Convention. He introduced the Virginia Plan   at the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia.

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This Founding Father was known as the “Father of the Constitution” for suggesting a system of checks and balances, balancing the powers of the states and the federal governments and his detailed note taking during the Constitutional Convention.

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After serving as a state supreme court Chief Justice for the state of New York, John Jay later held numerous titles, including what?

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Who is credited with the compromise that resulted in the formation of the Electoral College?

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After serving as Secretary of State, James Madison became President of the United States of America and entered which war, at the time known as “Mr. Madison’s War?”

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As an Anti-Federalist, George Mason ________________ the Constitution of the United States because it did not include a Bill of Rights.

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This cobbler worked during the Constitutional Convention to guard the power of states against the national government, suggested Congress should choose the President, opposed the Bill of Rights,  and eventually supported Madison’s efforts to add amendments.

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James Wilson advocated for direct election of the President during the Continental Convention. Opposed by Thomas Jefferson,  who believed that power should be reserved by the states, Wilson is credited with a compromise that formed what?

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This political philosopher argued that man needed a system of laws or he would degrade without them. He supported freedom of religion, but opposed private property and free speech.

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