Quiz Me! - People: Early Republic

Test your knowledge about people in the Early Republic era.

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Alexis de Tocqueville criticised what, stating that associations among people would lead to the greatest happiness for society.

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James Monroe’s presidency is known as what?

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He is most famously known as the person who killed Alexander Hamilton in a duel.

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Matthew Lyon was highly critical of President John Adams calling him “foolish” and “selfish.” He was also critical of the Alien and Sedition Acts saying that it violated freedom of speech and press. He was the first person to be charged under what?

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This Chief Justice of the Supreme Court ruled in Marbury v Madison (1803) and presided over the treason trial of Aaron Burr. His interpretations of the Constitution laid the groundwork for much of current constitutional theory and a strong national government.

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This French historian and political scientist wrote Democracy in America, predicting that democratic institutions would replace the aristocratic governments of Europe.

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John Marshall most famously served what role?

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Matthew Lyon was the first person charged and jailed under the Alien and Sedition Acts after publishing letters criticizing President John Adams. He argued that the law was unconstitutional because it prohibited what?

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Aaron Burr served as Vice President to whom?

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The Monroe Doctrine, adopted during James Monroe’s presidency, provided that the Western Hemisphere should be free from future European colonization and the U.S. should do what with European wars?

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