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Test your knowledge about people in all eras.

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This legend escaped slavery in 1849 and is best known for leading slaves to freedom on a dangerous 650 mile journey from Maryland to Canada nineteen different times.

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Frederick Douglass’s most important work was

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Who was the African-American  slave spy who was George Washington’s most effective weapon against the British during the American Revolution?

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James Wilson advocated for direct election of the President during the Continental Convention. Opposed by Thomas Jefferson,  who believed that power should be reserved by the states, Wilson is credited with a compromise that formed what?

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This accomplished public speaker performed many roles in life, He practiced law after graduating from Dartmouth, represented New Hampshire in the US   House of Representatives and later Massachusetts in the US Senate. He also served as Secretary of State under three presidents.

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The Lutheran minister who supported the American cause with a sermon that included the line, “To everything there is a season…a time of peace and a time of war. And this is a time of war.”

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Matthew Lyon was highly critical of President John Adams calling him “foolish” and “selfish.” He was also critical of the Alien and Sedition Acts saying that it violated freedom of speech and press. He was the first person to be charged under what?

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Richard Henry Lee was an Anti-Federalist who opposed the U.S. Constitution. He was an advocate for laws and amendments limiting the power of the federal government and was pleased when what was added?

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Robert Morris spent so much of his own money for the Patriot cause that he was known as what?

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This American Patriot, along with John Jay and James Madison, wrote 52 out of the 85 total essays defending the ratification of the U.S. Constitution.

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