Quiz Me! - Era: The Constitution

Test your knowledge about the Constitution.

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The Constitution is very specific in prohibiting the states from

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Article I, Section 8 specifically gives Congress the power to declare war, yet in the history of the United States Constitution there have been only five formal declarations of war by Congress. A Declaration of War was issued by Congress in the

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Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion.” originally meant that the new national government could not

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The Eleventh Amendment effectively overturned which Supreme Court decision?

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According to the Twentieth Amendment, what will happen if the President-Elect dies before inauguration can occur?

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Restrictions on the right to peaceably assemble include all EXCEPT

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If the states argue that the national government has exceeded its power under the Constitution, their position is most often based on which of the following:

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A United States senator serves a term of

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Prior to passage of the Sixteenth Amendment, what condition was placed on the power of taxation by the federal government?

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Which of the following best explains why we have 3 branches of government?

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